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With all the changes and broken hearts its been difficult to post anything without sounding like a whiner. Please excuse. I will be back with newer more upbeat posts once I’m settled in my new job away from all the drama and passive agressive bullshit.


So many things

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I’m quitting my job, decided to marry my boyfriend, gave my IELTs and went for an interview over the weekend and monday.

All decisions have been made.

New directions need tough decisions

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So here I am at the crux of a bunch of BIG decisions I need to make. Monday decides most of it. I’m a coward for the tasks that are to be completed to move on. Not like I don’t want to move on, it’s just leaving people behind is tough.

alright I’m just venting now.

Ric Stultz

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Crazy/mad/gorgeous illustrations.



new sketches up on flickr

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Won’t somebody buy me this comic? Tanks.

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Kink radio. The best comic ever! I’m hoping. looks soofer delicious!

Picture 20

Picture 19

The Beatles Rock Band

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Oh my god!

Beatles awesomeness!

Picture 14

Picture 13

Picture 16

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