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Lightening Bolt- Thirteen Monsters

video: Paper Rad

The madness of this video is very entertaining.

And these shoes are really kick-ass too. Hand painted by Taylor Reeve


via The Storque


engagement party!

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So! I’ve been planning this super awesome ( I’m hoping) party in three months and I’ll be posting ideas and stuff as I go along. ooOOOoo soo excited.

We’ve got an outdoor do planned, in my modest garden and veranda. one of my biggest worries till now has been bugs and mosquitoes(god I hate them!) Until I stumbled on this tutorial on Design*Sponge that is.


They’re home-made citronella candles that keep bugs at bay. plus I’ve got a bunch of pointless containers that will be happy to have purpose as candle tins.

I’m also making this ultra easy banners to wrap house in. Although I doubt you’ll get those iron sticky thingies, I’m just going to stitch them. Here’s the tutorial on paper n stitch.


Whatta pretty song!

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And a bloody brilliant funny video too!


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