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It’s been a while since I posted, I know. I didn’t realise how busy I would be with the freelancing. It’s going good, and thanks for all the kind encouraging words.

The good thing about hanging out at home so much is the cooking. I have been experimenting and wha’djya know? I can cook edible food! I made my first successful batch of bread. I had trouble getting used to adapting the recipes to my oven and how much faster the dough rises over here. Here’s the recipe used for the bread in the photo. I love this blog. she makes everything look so easy. And it kinda is too..when you have the time. My oven is tres tiny and only goes upto 350 degrees thats why I smash em up in small tins and leave then on for longer than the recipe calls for (25 mins bottom heat, 10 mins top heat to brown the bread). They taste exactly like the paunv I used to eat when we were kids in Goa. If anyone’s bought bread at 8 o’clock from xanti bakery on colva rd(next to menino jesus) you know what I’m talking about.

Please try making this bread it’s dead simple and so so good.



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My bandera party was on sunday. I had planned a lunch and beer thing and by the time enough people landed up, it was evening. can’t blame them though, I was glad they didn’t arrive on time. The Mr. Big concert took a lot out of me. all that screaming and shoving. Anywho, we managed to finish 9 banners in one hour. I cut cut red & white kite paper onto little rectangles and made maida(flour) glue. I had bought some recycled plastic bag string(1km-Rs. 70! at avenue rd) for this purpose. Although it was twisted and made it slightly difficult to paste the flags in one direction, it wasn’t half bad to use. I quite like how they’ve turned out. Can’t wait to put them up on the 13th(nov). yaay!



trunk junk

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some trucks spotted around bangalore.

Pinhole camera

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I made a pinhole camera from a tutorial off photojojo. I made the matchbox one.

I’ll up load some prints when I get to it. I don’t have a car anymore so all these here and there jobs get tougher if you stick to the bus route.


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I tattooed David last Saturday. I used a sewing needle fastened to a pencil with cotton thread and india ink. I was sooper scared but he seemed so sure of it. I felt bad jabbing him and drawing blood. But I also kind of enjoyed it. I think if it was someone I didn’t care about so much, I wouldn’t have felt so guilty about his face all contorted with pain. Not like he was giving me a hard time. The initial outline was painful after that he was just reading some stupid book and asking me to make it darker. We did a plane crashing near his ankle. I wanted one too but he said I’m sissy when it somes to pain ( which is kinda true) and I’d totally punch him or something. So he didn’t do one. Now that I think about it, I bet he was just lazy. See the tutorial I used here.

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